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                        Keropur 3458N

                        Keropur 3458N 
                        Multifunctional additive for gasolines

                        Chemical composition
                        A mixture of PIBA, Carrier Oils, and corrosion inhibitors.

                        Transparent yellowish liquid.
                        Physical data
                        Density 15 оС    0.88 g/см3    ASТМ D 4052
                        Viscosity 20 оС   70 мм2/s     ASTM D 445
                        Flash point    ?。?55 °C     ASTM D 93
                        Pour Pint     ?。?–24 оС     ASTM D 97
                        Solubility      Solubility in organic solvents, insoluble in water.

                        Quality Control
                        The data are average values at the time of publication of this technical information. They can not be viewed as a specification data.
                        Data product specification is shown in a separate specification of the product. 

                        Keropur 3458 N is a multipurpose additive for gasoline. The additive package is based on the polyisobutene amine detergent, which is optimized with synthetic carrier fluids and inhibitors.
                        Keropur 3458 N protects the intake system of engines and prevents the formation of deposits. It keeps clean the intake manifold, intake valves, injection nozzles or the carburettor.
                        Dirty intake systems are cleaned up by the use of gasoline treated with recommended Keropur 3458N dosage.
                        Due to the chemical nature of the surface-active detergent ice formation in carburettors is prevented.
                        Keropur 3458 N contains very effective corrosion inhibitor that protects tanks, fuel lines and carburettors from corrosion. The dosage of the additive package depends on the severity of the gasoline and the keep-clean / clean-up requirements.
                        Recommended are treat levels of 400 to 700 mg/kg.

                        Stability in storage
                        When stored under normal conditions Keropur 3458 N is stable at least for 2 years.

                        Shipment of the product can be produced in bulk in tank trucks or tank containers.

                        Without pre-treatment product should not be discarded in the sewer.
                        Keropur 3458 N does not belong to the class of products in accordance with the Hazardous Substances and therefore does not require special labeling for hazardous substances. 
                        Passport to Safety For Keropur 3458 N has a passport to safety, compiled according to EU Directive 91/155/EEC.

                        Present the information in this publication is based on our experience and we have now the technical knowledge.
                        Because many factors may affect processing and application of our product, the data do not relieve our customers from having to conduct their own tests.
                        These data are not legally binding guarantee of certain properties of the product, as well as a guarantee of its suitability for any particular purpose. The recipient of our products is obliged under its own responsibility to respect the rights of property, as well as existing laws and regulations. 

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